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FREE GUIDE: 5-Step Formula to

Crush Your Career

without Sacrificing Faith and Family!

With my 5-Step Formula, you'll learn how to:

⌚️ Learn a time-saving hack to make you more productive in multiple areas of your life

✨ Customize your business growth-plan, empowered by family and faith goals

💰 Get a behind-the-scenes look at how millionaires have achieved work-life balance


Jake is a leader in building fortune without sacrificing faith and family.

His career in sales and executive management for a multi-million dollar company taught Jake to never be afraid to ask the hard questions or take massive action towards his goals – setting himself up to achieve success in ALL areas of his life.

With a burning passion, keen observational skills, and practical application, Jake has uncovered the patterns and secrets that lead to a happy, balanced, and wealthy lifestyle.

No, success and balance do not come by chance, or wishful thinking…

Jake takes great pride in his work as a business coach. He helps others not only achieve their wealth and professional development goals, but also understands and focuses on life balance, personal wellness, and connection.



Learn the habits + family-building activities of highly successful people. Identify what's missing in your routines + incorporate similar activities.


Write down micro-goals for 4 key areas of your life (not just business) so that you can start gaining massive momentum towards a balance life.


Achieve your full potential by tracking + measuring you progress so that you can identify patterns that work for you for long-term lasting success!

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